Recent Work recent WORK Qualified Property Leads is designed to be very easy, hassle free and it works alongside your existing Lead Generation campaigns.

All leads from your sources are sent to your account manager.
All non-workable leads are sent back to the portal to refund.
Potential Leads are qualified and "pre-sold" your properties.
All Leads then interested in pursuing are sent to the agent.
Agent is then invoiced weekly for the qualified leads received.

A qualified lead, is someone that has been spoken to directly by the dedicated account manager, and is interested in either getting more information on specific properties by email, or is flying out to visit properties in your area. As and when the Account Manager qualifies the lead, it is then sent straight across the agent by email.

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Web Agency "Puzzle Design"
12 Westdown Road
London, United Kingdom
E15 2BZ

E-mail: Contact us

Telephone for Europe and USA (UK centre): +44 (20) 785.299.7311
Telephone for CIS countries (Ukraine centre): +38 (066) 616.7650

SKYPE: grachov, kirill_nikitin14